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IOPLAS -II : Cascade Optical utilizes a precisely optimized marriage at the PVD and IAD process called IOPLAS - II.  This process interactively combines neutral inlet gases and ions with PVD and other control parameters to address specific low temperature coating requirements. The following information describe varios IOPLAS-II coating developments for a variety of applications.  Coatings include antireflective, reflective, beamsplitting, polarizing, long and short pass

ANTIREFLECTIVE: (AR) single or multilayer coatings reduce reflection at the interface between two media (such as fiber - air interface) .  For example reflection loss of 3.5% at a fiber-air interface (fibern= 1.45) is commonly reduced to 0.1% so called V-coatings

REFLECTIVE: Coatings operating at a near -zero degree angle of incidence are used to reject unwanted regions of the spectrum and in most cases, to support propagation of usefull regions of the spectrum

PARTIALLY REFLECTIVE In non-linear and laser optics, all -dielectric multilayers are predominantly utilized on output -input coupling devices. In standard optical applications, partially reflective coatings operate at a near-zero angle of incidence which reduce the intensity of incident light or laser radiation

SHORT & LONG WAVE BEAMSPLITTERS.  POLARIZING BEAMSPLITTERS. DICHROIC BEAMSPLITTERS:  Short Wave and Long Wave pass filters transmit one portion and reject some other region of the spectrum. If the filter transmits in the shorter wavelength region, it is known at the short wave pass (SWP).  If the pass band is in the  longer wavelength, the filter is known as the long wave pass (LWP).  Both types of filters usually consist of several different stacks and in most cases, have more than 35 layers .

INTENSITY BEAMSPLITTERS. COMMUNICATION FIBERS. MEDICAL FIBERS. If intensity splitting is required, fibers are polished at a design angle and are coated with an intesity spliting coating.  These coatings are generally designed as single quarter -wave stacks  Various intensity beamsplitters at any other wavelength, angle of incidence and R/T ratio are also available.