Optical Coatings Enable Galactic Archaeology

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In 2014 the Australian astronomical community launched dedicated survey instrument for the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) that enables chemical tagging of stars in our Milky Way. This research is known as Galactic Archaelogy and will help unravel the history of the Milky Way by chemically fingerprinting a million stars and reconstructing the formation sequence of the Galaxy.

The High Efficiency & Resolution Multi-Element Spectrograph (HERMES) is a four channel fiber fed spectrograph with high resolution & multi object capability. Cascade Optical Corporation's expertise & services were integral in development of the large volume phase holographic gratings for the instrument.

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"Cascade Optical has been a project saver many times over! When most other vendors are running behind schedule Cascade Optical has come through and beat expectations, putting the project back on schedule. Quotes are always fast and efficient, usually less than 48 hour turn around with prototype designs. Excellent turnaround time on coated optics from small 25mm diameters to large 550mm diameters. From aspheric lenses, beam splitters, and high angle of incidence VPH gratings Cascade has done an excellent job at meeting or beating our tough specifications!"

As a leading optical technologies company Cascade Optical Corp can meet your coating specifications & fit them seamlessly into our standard production, saving you the expense of coating test runs & tooling.

Our IOPLAS-IITM ion-assisted deposition processes provide flexibility to apply coatings at low temperatures for plastic fibers and other delicate substrates. We can generate coatings with greater packing densities to handle very high laser damage thresholds. And Cascade Optical has also developed manufacturing processes to apply coatings to; plastics, polymers, semi-conductors, lenses, mirrors, crystals, metals (even diamond-turned surfaces), and ceramics.

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