Faraday Rotators for Laser sensing system

Featured Product from CASTECH, Inc.

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Product description:

Faraday rotator provides non-reciprocal rotation while maintaining linear polarization, The plane of polarization will be rotated 45°when light transmits through the Faraday rotator in the forward direction and rotated additional 45° in the same relative direction with respect to magnetic field when light travels backwards from the reverse direction. It will generate total rotation of 90°and reject the light coming from the reverse direction.

CASTECH is renowned pioneer of crystals in laser industry. We dedicate to develop magneto-optical crystals with high Verdet constant and low absorption coefficient to deliver higher level reliability and less changed M2.Combined with our unique high LIDT process technology, we are able to supply customized Faraday rotators for high power applications, up to 400W average power. The working wavelength of our Faraday rotator family ranges from 355nm to 4500nm, and the aperture is up to 45mm.


  • Laser sensing system
  • Ultrafast laser system
  • OCT system
  • Laser detection etc


Center Wavelength 355 405-850 980,1030,1064 1319,1342,1550,2000
Operating Wavelength Range ≥±10nm ≥±10nm ≥±15nm ≥±10nm
Peak Transmission >98 98 98 95
M2 Degradation <10% <10% <10% <10%
Clear Aperture 2,3,5mm or others 2,3,5mm or others 2,3,5,15,25mmor others 2,3,5mm or others
Optical Power(Average) 1,5,10W Can be customized 10,30,50 Can be customized 10,30,50,100W Can be customized 10,30,50 Can be customized
Damage Threshold 3.5J/cm2 @ 10ns 3.5J/cm2 @ 10ns 10J/cm2 @ 10ns 5J/cm2 @ 10ns
Storage Temperature Range -20-70
Tunable Temperature Range 10-30