Optical Circulator

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Product description:

The circulator is an irreversible one-way three-port component to allow light propagate in a specific direction. Circulator according to its physical principles can be divided into non-polarization-maintaining circulator and polarization-maintaining circulator.

The non-polarization-maintaining circulator consists of birefringent beam displacer, polarization element, Faraday rotator, half-wave plate and collimator.

The polarization-maintaining optical circulator consists of input polarizer, Faraday rotator, half-wave plate, output polarizer and collimator. It is widely used in many optical components and many occasions.

CASTECH's circulators are with low insertion loss, high isolation, low polarization dependent loss, excellent temperature stability, center wavelength of 450nm-2000nm. The form of connection of the fiber tail can be adopted by bare fiber, FC/PC or FC/APC.


  • Fiber optical sensor system
  • Bidirectional signal transmission system
  • Dispersion compensation