Scintillation Crystals

Featured Product from CASTECH, Inc.

Cadium tungstate (CdWO4, CWO) single crystal is an important scintillation materials applied in the radiation detection technology, especially for security checking , industrial CT and medical imaging. Large-size CWO single crystals with high quality were grown successfully by vertical Bridgman process in our company in recent years. CWO single crystal has a density as high as 7.9 g/cm-3 without any deliquescence. Under high-energy rays radiation such as X-rays or γ-rays, the crystal exhibits the luminescence output with a central wavelength of 470 nm. The crystal possesses a series of scintillation properties such as a relative light yield 2~3 times of BGO crystal, a low afterglow only 10-2 grade relative to CsI(Tl) crystal and a γ-ray radiation hardness of 107 rad. Our company provide the mass products of CWO wafers and array elements, which can meet the technical requirements for radiation detection devices.