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Yb:CALGO Laser: Ultra-Fast Power!

Featured Product from CASTECH, Inc.

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Unveiling the Potential: Yb:CALGO Laser Crystal

Low Quantum Defect: Achieve unparalleled efficiency with a quantum defect as low as 1.5%, ensuring optimal energy conversion for ultra-fast pulses.

Exceptional Thermal Conductivity: With a remarkable thermal conductivity of k=6.7 W/m/K, Yb:CALGO stands ready for high-power laser applications, delivering consistent performance under demanding conditions.

Broad Emission Spectrum: Experience versatility with emission spectra spanning from 994 nm to 1050 nm, catering to diverse laser requirements with precision and flexibility.

High Absorption Coefficient: Maximize efficiency with Yb:CALGO's high absorption coefficient at 979 nm, ensuring optimal utilization of pump power for enhanced performance.

Tailored Specifications: Choose from various Yb-doping concentrations and crystal orientations, customized to meet specific project requirements and performance goals.

Applications Unleashed:

Powerful Output: Witness over 5.5 W output power achieved with just a 23 W incident pumping diode laser, showcasing the remarkable efficiency and potency of Yb:CALGO.

Ultra-Fast Pulses: Experience pulse durations as short as 94 fs, unlocking new possibilities in high-speed laser applications and precision engineering.

From its tetragonal crystal structure to its high slope efficiency and customizable specifications, Yb:CALGO emerges as the ultimate solution for engineers seeking unparalleled performance and reliability in their laser systems. Unlock the potential of ultra-fast pulse technology with Yb:CALGO – the future of laser innovation.