Zero order Waveplates (Cemented)

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Zero order Waveplates (Cemented)-Image

Zero order waveplates are constructed of two multiple order waveplates with their axes crossed. Thus the effect of the first plate is cancelled by the second, except for the residual difference between them.

Zero order waveplates are much less susceptible to wavelength changes, can be up to 2% above or below the design wavelength with little effect on retardation. The waveplates should be considered for more critical application


General Specifications

Material                              Quartz
Dimension tolerance        ±0.1mm
Parallelism                         2 arc sec
Surface quality                  20-10 S/D
Wavefront distortion       λ/8@632.8nm
Retardation tolerance     λ/300
Clear aperture                  >90%
Coating on both sides     R<0.25% @ design wavelength