Adaptable, strong and reliable Reel Retriever,

Featured Product from Century Spring Corp.


Adaptable, strong and reliable, the Reel Retriever, or "return reel", is a versatile, efficient device which offers theft-deterrence and customer convenience for point-of-purchase displays. A compact box contains a spring-loaded, retracting cable assembly which is securely fastened to the display, while the cable end is positively attached to the product, enabling customers to handle products in stores while maintaining product security and display order.

The Reel Retriever is perfect for use on displays of cameras, cell phones, golf equipment, power tools, shoes, TV remote controls, video games and many other products that are intended to be handled by customers. Utilizing a nylon-coated, braided, 7x7 stainless steel aircraft cable, Reel Retriever is available in many pull forces with cable lengths ranging from 6" to 72". A variety of interchangeable round or rectangular plastic ends (with or without adhesive) are also available.

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