Dual Function Chime /Continuous Tones Piezo Alarm

Product Announcement from Challenge Electronics

Dual Function Chime /Continuous Tones Piezo Alarm -Image

Pleasant, Exponentially Decaying and Continuous tones within a single Alarm. The CE-HCM630AQS is a DUAL FUNCTION: SLOW CHIME / CONTINUOUS Tone, MEDIUM Loud, Piezoelectric Alarm.

Application includes Busses, Medical Equipments, Quite Rooms, Control Panels, and others


· 6 to 30 Vdc

· 1 chime per Second

· Panel Mounted with a plastic ring nut

· Terminated with three 0.25" Quick Connect Blades

· Optional Rotor Volume Control

· Reliable Solid State Piezoelectric Technology

· Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Diaphragm

· EMC/EMI/EMS/RF Compliance

· Flame Retardant Plastic

· Extended storage temperature

· Hermetically Sealed Alarm

· RoHS Compliance

· ISO 9001 Certified

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