Extremely High SPL 12V Electo-Magnetic Transducer

Product Announcement from Challenge Electronics

Extremely High SPL 12V Electo-Magnetic Transducer-Image

The CEMT250B125-12C15PLR delivers extremely high SPL (110 dB typ., 104 dB min) in a small, low profile package. Specially designed sound chamber for high pitch audio performance, with top sound port for robust sound. Noryl housing with standoffs and epoxy sealed bottom for superior washability. Dip solderable, PCB through-hole pins.


  • Extremely High SPL - 110 dB (104 dB min)
  • 1500 Hz resonant freq.
  • 12v (8 - 14v) operating voltage
  • 55 mA operating current
  • 120 ohm coil resistance
  • 25.0 mm dia. x 12.5 mm height
  • 10.2 mm pin spacing
  • Top sound port
  • Washable
  • RoHS compliant