Extremely High SPL Electo-Magnetic Transducer

Product Announcement from Challenge Electronics

Extremely High SPL Electo-Magnetic Transducer-Image


  • Extremely High SPL - 110 dB (104 dB min)
  • 1500 Hz resonant freq.
  • 5v (3 - 7v) operating voltage
  • 80 mA operating current
  • 27Ω coil resistance
  • 25.0 mm dia. x 12.5 mm height
  • 10.2 mm pin spacing
  • Top sound port
  • Washable
  • RoHS compliant

Challenge Electronics is a leading global supplier of high-quality sound generating devices and audible products. Since its inception in 1988, Challenge has been a specialist in audible technology, aligning itself with the finest factory resources strategically to build an infrastructure of manufacturing, distribution and value-added services that is unrivaled in the market.