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Low Noise Laser

Featured Product from CNI Laser(Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.)

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The noise issues of lasers are due to the competition of mode in laser resonant cavity, which lead to high frequency jitter of output power. Through special design for laser resonant cavity and other components, the laser amplitude noise can be reduce efficiently. CNI low noise laser can be widely applied to DNA sequency, cell sorting, spectrum analysis, interference measurement, laser holography, photo processing and biomedical and other fields.

CNI LASER offers low noise lasers in wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared (360nm~1550 nm).



  • Beam spot pattern: TEM00
  • M²: <1.1
  • Pointing stability: <5μrad/°C
  • Constant temperature (23±3°C) noise: -52dB
  • Noise stability (RMS@4h): <0.2%
  • Bandwidth: 20Hz~20MHz


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