Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

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Heavy-Duty Cable Protection
Checkers’™ heavy-duty cable protectors are the strongest of all our cable protectors. Whether its guarding cables from a few-ton monster vehicle or thousands of pedestrians crossing over wiring each day, these heavy-duty cable protectors will ensure a higher quality of safety and longevity to your cables and hoses.

Our heavy-duty cable protector lines consist of Linebacker® and Yellow Jacket®. Yellow Jacket® is the original cable protector that has been relied on for over 40 years. Not to be outdone, Linebacker® holds up against heavy-duty applications time after time.

Cable Abrasion Protection Ramps & Covers
Checker's Safety can provide your job site with above ground cable protection ramps and covers for light use traffic to heavy duty extreme crossovers.

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Why Checkers?
Checkers Safety® began in 1987 with a simple vision that still rings true today: Be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. We create reliable safety solutions for our customers by offering a variety of safety products for the Industrial, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Entertainment and Transportation/Traffic Safety industries.