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THE MONSTER SEQUENTIAL BARRICADE LIGHT is the latest solution for improved highway safety. Its patented radio technology represents a modern replacement for traditional warning lights. The sequential barricade light system is “smart,” making it easy to use and safe to deploy. Studies performed on sequential warning lights indicated that sequential lights are better at warning drivers of lane closures, detours, and active construction zones. Study results have shown that drivers slow down sooner and change lanes earlier when sequential warning lights are used compared to traditional Type A/C warning lights.

Sequential Barricade Lights

  • Five different styles of sequence patterns (operator’s preference)
  • 24 hour mode, or night time only mode
  • Steady-burn with sequencing flash; or steady-burn only
  • Lock control panel on lamp
  • Choose direction of flashing (front lens, back lens, or both lenses)
  • Drop batteries in from top, no need to unbolt lamp to change batteries
  • Battery case and lens are weather-sealed with O-rings and silicon material
  • 100 meter range (330 feet) between lamps
  • MUTCD and I.T.E. Compliant (MUTCD 6F.83)
  • Case can now be bolted down (bolt directly to concrete rail, “Jersey Rail”, wood post, etc.)
  • Insert feature allows a new lamp to replace a broken lamp without having to turn off entire system
  • Marker function allows user to designate a pull in zone for work area

Monster Sequential Barricade Lights Crush the Competition
Finding the best of anything can be a long and arduous process, full of research and study. Fortunately, sequential lights are a fairly new technology so the market is unsaturated and easy to sort through. Finding the best sequential barricade lights doesn’t need to be a difficult process because we are here to help

Flash Rate
The flash rate is a fairly even playing field. All sequential lights on the market have the capability to emit sixty flashes per minute or one flash per second. This is important as it allows the lights to display the sequential, “guiding,” pattern that makes them unique traffic control solutions.

Number of Patterns
Monster sequential lights are the clear winner in this category, offering five distinct patterns for different applications. Faster patterns can be used to create a “Funnel Effect,” as seen in this video. Slower patterns, on the other hand, are great for indicating lane closures and road work.

Battery Life
Another great category for Monster sequential warning signals. Our signals are built with patented radio mesh networks, as opposed to our competitors who use infrared technology to link their devices. Extended battery life is just one of the advantages that this innovative technology offers.

Maximum Distance Between Lights
Monster sequential signals function properly with up to 100 meters between units, another advantage of our patented radio technology. This allows you to spread your lights out over a wider area, a long stretch of construction, for example. Therefore, the practical advantage is that you need fewer lights to cover a construction zone. This, of course, saves you money and setup time.

With the numerous advantages that Monster sequential barricade lights provide, it’s easy to see why they are the industry leader and the best sequential barricade lights on the market. To read more and get a quote for these fantastic products, To read more and get a quote for these fantastic products, click here. To download the brochure, click here.

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Monster Motion Safety
Our Monster brand deals with safety products for “motion related” activities, such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety. Monster encompasses a wide variety of products, including wheel chocks, warning whips, barricade lights, industrial beacons and strobes, parking lot safety solutions, vehicle identification signs, and composite cribbing. These products are manufactured with the same high quality and sounds methods that allowed us to create the most durable safety solutions in the industry. Our chocks are known worldwide, and are a staple of every mine site. As the strongest and lightest chock on the market, the Monster chock makes correct position easy, keeping both people and vehicles safe. Monster whips and signals are long lasting and extremely bright, ensuring visibility and safety. Our parking lot safety solutions, including parking curbs, speed bumps, and speed humps, are designed with premium durable rubber which allows them to outlast and outperform the competition.

Wheel Chocks
Monster™ Wheel Chocks were engineered in collaboration with safety experts to comply with the safety requirements of a variety of industries and ensure a safe working environment while your vehicles are at rest. Offered in a variety of styles, our wheel chocks provide a safe chocking solution for a wide range of ground equipment, commercial, aviation, and military vehicles. Whether you are chocking a fully-loaded 400-ton haul truck or a utility trailer, we have the wheel chocks you need to safely secure your vehicle and meet compliance standards.

Warning Whips
Monster Motion Safety™ Industrial Strength Warning Whips are available in 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 foot lengths and constructed with a premium fiberglass resin to ensure the highest performance in any condition. These whips include a threaded hex base for vehicle attachment and a heavy duty Day Bright™ fluorescent flag to help identify vehicles, equipment, or important locations at work sites.  You have your choice of lighted or non-lighted whips, with various lighting and mounting options available as accessories.

Traffic / Parking Lot Safety
Monster™ Parking Lot Safety Solutions include speed bumps, speed humps, parking stops, wall guards, and barricade lights. Constructed of high quality recycled rubber, our speed humps, bumps, and parking stops long outlast their concrete counterparts. Monster™ Barricade Lights are manufactured in the USA at our factory in Mesa, AZ. Combining durability with high efficiency LEDs and solar and battery powered models, we have a wide variety of options to suite your needs.

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Why Checkers?
Companies all over the world trust Checkers Industrial Safety Products with their safety needs. The primary reason you can trust Checkers is because we have a 25-year track record of providing highly effective safety solutions that save lives and protect assets.

Checkers takes the safety of your people and property very seriously. This means working directly with industry experts and safety managers to design products that fit the specific needs of their working environments. Our product development takes place on work sites where our engineers experience the safety challenges firsthand, which allows them to understand the conditions and circumstances where our products will be required to perform. Through this process we gain the knowledge and insight to ensure every one of our customers’ needs is satisfied.

Our team then uses innovation and advanced manufacturing processes to create effective products that withstand the harshest weather and working conditions that exist in industrial applications. At this point, we again involve industry experts and safety managers to field-test our products under extreme working conditions. We also submit our products to independent third-party contractors for testing and compliance evaluations. This rigorous testing protocol ensures Checkers products meet or exceed all industry compliance regulations and standards.

Another reason to work with Checkers is that our service professionals are trained to understand the safety issues in many industries. We can quickly help you find the right safety products to protect your people and bring your business into compliance.

Checkers Safety Group® began in 1987 with a simple vision that still rings true today:
Be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products.
We create reliable safety solutions for our customers by offering a variety of safety products for the Industrial, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Entertainment and Transportation/Traffic Safety industries.
We house the brands Notrax® Mats for Professional Use, TuffTrak® Ground Protection Solutions, Linebacker® Cable Management, and Monster™ Motion Safety.

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