Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)

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Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)-Image

Chemart has always been a major contributor to the Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) industry since its creation in 1976. Its founder, Dick Beaupre, was the originator of aqueous dry film photoresist used in PCM imaging applications. Currently, all dry film photoresists used in PCM applications are based on his original research. Today, Chemart utilizes that same critical understanding of the imaging process and entrepreneurial spirit to manufacture critical metal parts with the PCM process.

When forming metal parts, laser cutting, stamping, or water jet cutting comes to mind as a way to cut flat metal stock into a specific design to be utilized in a device or a piece of equipment. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages but typically prototype applications employ laser or water jet cutting while large volumes are produced by stamping dies. The Photo Chemical Machining process is the middle ground between prototype and large volumes.