Kits Certified - Neat Chemical

Product Announcement from Chem Service, Inc.

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Chem Service supplies certified neat chemical kits. The kits offer the convenience of small quantities, lower cost (usually 15% - 35% off buying them each individually), less disposal problems, less storage problems, and the flexibility for individually replacing the items most frequently used within your laboratory.

Kits Available from Chem Service

  • Food Analysis Standards Kits
    • Fatty Acids
    • Fatty Acids Methyl Esters
    • Nitrosamines
    • Vitamins
    • Carbohydrates
  • PCB/PBB and Derivatives Standards Kits
  • Poly Nuclear Aromatics Standards Kit
  • Organic Chemicals Kits
    • Mini Stockroom 0-1000A
    • Large Functional Group Kits
    • Functional Group Kits
  • Specialty Chemical Kits
    • Organic Solvents
    • Phthalate Kit
    • Biological Stains Kit
    • Inorganic Chemical Kit
  • Commercial Chemical Kits
    • Oxydation-Ultraviolet Inhibitor Ki
    • Plasticizer Kits
    • Surfactants ATLAB HLB Kits
    • Surfactant Kits

These kits are furnished for laboratory use only. Chem Service's products may not be used as drugs, agricultural or pesticidal products, cosmetics, household chemicals or food additives.