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With the advent of wearable technology, devices such as smart watches, sleep trackers and heartrate sensors have become a part of our life. In addition to fitness and wellbeing, these wearable electronics find many applications in medicine and healthcare, and they have tremendously helped in improving the quality of life for many people globally. Adhesives are integral to wearable technology and we can find them in almost every device on the market including medical patches, smart watches, activity trackers, emergency call buttons, virtual reality (VR) devices, health monitoring devices and more. Because of the critical nature of assembly adhesives and sealants in these devices, research and development has grown significantly in this area in the recent past to ensure that products not only perform well over their lifespan but that they also don’t negatively interact with the body wearing the device. This post focuses on the uses of adhesives and sealants in wearable devices, their significance in the medical and healthcare industries, and what kind of materials are used to make them to ensure safe user interaction. Keep reading