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Oldham Couplings for Servo Motor

Featured Product from Chengdu Leno Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Oldham Couplings consist of two hubs and one elastomer. Hub materials include alloy aluminum, alloy brass and stainless steel ect. Elastomer offer zero backlash and high torque capacity. And they can be replaced at low cost after damage. Fastening methods include Clamp Type and Setscrew type.



Leno oldham couplings include 8mm to 20mm bore size, 19mm to 41.3mm outside diameter, 26mm to 50.8mm overall length.

A large number of standard code are in stock, and stock products can be shipped within 72 hours.

More sizes of Oldham couplings can be customized.

Surface treatment options include Clear Anodize, Black oxide etc.


Leno full range of Flexible Shaft Couplings: Jaw couplings; Curved Teeth Gear Couplings; Beam Couplings; Oldham Couplings; Bellow Couplings; L Couplings; Miniature Disc Couplings; Heavy Duty Disc Coupliings; Universal Joint