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Do I Need a Power Distribution Module (PDM)?

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Do I need a PDM? Is a PDM right for my application? How do I know I need a PDM? These might be questions you are asking yourself as you design your vehicles’ electrical system. So, let’s take a look at a few top scenarios that warrant the use of a sealed power distribution module and real life examples of these scenarios.

  1. You need to localize a power source

Vehicle electrical systems can get complicated quickly as functionality continues to increase model year to model year. Running long wire harnesses throughout the vehicle to one central power source can be expensive and cumbersome. One way you can avoid extremely complex wire harnesses is to localize the power throughout your vehicle using power distribution modules. Hard-wired sealed power distribution modules are a cost effective way to house plug-in components such as fuses, relays and diodes to power different devices throughout the vehicle. 

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