Conveyor Belting products for box folding

Product Announcement from Chiorino, Inc.

Conveyor Belting products for box folding-Image

Chiorino manufactures and stocks a complete line of belting products for the solid-fiber and corrugated box-folding industry.

  • Feed belts
  • Carrier belts
  • Compression aprons
  • Bridge belts for corrugating machines
  • Scrap exit belts
  • Folding rail belts
  • Counter ejector belts

Specialty products include:

  • DG-HS "High-Performance" folder-gluer belts
  • MF series of molded endless feed belts
  • 3T18 U0-G40 MF Folding Rail Belt

New Special Products:

Endless "MF L-351 G" Feeder Belts for Folder-Gluers

Machine Bels for Folder-Gluers - DG High Speed