Conveyor Belts for Material Handling - Logistics

Product Announcement from Chiorino, Inc.

Conveyor Belts for Material Handling - Logistics-Image

Chiorino's product range provides belts suitable for most all facets of the material handling and logistics industries.

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In particular, Chiorino's "SILON" - needled polyester material, the "EL"- series of thermoplastic elastic belts and a host of 100% polyester fabric belts covered with PVC, PU or Rubber, with or without high grip profiles provide the optimum in performance. In addition, many belts are available in permanently anti-static or non-conductive and flame retardant qualities.

Typical applications where Chiorino products have proved themselves superior include:

  • X-ray machines
  • Airport baggage conveyors
  • Order pick and package sorting systems
  • Distribution warehouse facilities
  • Power turn conveyors

Chiorino, working together with original equipment manufacturers and end-users, has developed a wide range of:

  • Conveyor and process belts.
  • High performance flat transmission belts.
  • Endless rubber mandrel made belts.

These belts are capable of meeting most applications required for the warehouse handling and postal automation sectors.

Features of the Chiorino conveyor and process belts:

  • Absolutely flat
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Wide range of surface finishing
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Dimensional stability

For postal automation, Chiorino has developed Fast joint thermoplastic polyurethane process belts and endless rubber mandril belts that offer a high friction coefficient and precision feeding in most applications:

  • CFC (Culler Facer Canceller)
  • OCR (Optical Code Reader)
  • VCR (Video Code Reader)

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