Case Study:Digital TStat Ensures Cooling Integrity

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The Challenge

The cooling towers of a Virginia medical facilitys HVAC system required an upgrade to ensure freeze protection. If the pipes froze, and, potentially burst, the entire facility was at risk of shut-down. The existing systems water lines were controlled by a mechanical thermostat that provided basic on/off functions, but no alarm features. As the system was being redesigned, the availability of a digital thermostat at nearly the same price provided a significant upgrade in terms of both reliability and alarm features. .

The Solution

A Chromalox DTS Digital Thermostat, used in conjunction with SRF heat trace cable, also known as heat tape, offered an automatic alarm system for an added degree of system reliability. The DTS upgrade offers the ease of digitally programming a set-point on/off temperature, plus high and low temperature and sensor failure alarms. Because it is an automatic system, it also ensures that electricity is not wasted if there is no concern of freeze. The alarms offering remote monitoring capability of the entire heat trace system.


  • Greater overall system reliability with the addition of alarms (including remote monitoring)
  • Cost savings to customer based on system design and functionality, including energy savings