Chromalox Unveils Second Generation DirectConnect Technology

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Chromalox, a leader in advanced thermal technologies, today announced the second generation of its DirectConnect™technology. This technology provides the same clean electric heating as always, but now reaches up to 7,200 volts.  This extended platform allows DirectConnect to be used on a global platform where medium voltage grid supplies are higher rated than North America.

In addition, Chromalox second generation DirectConnect technology will provide IECEx and ATEX hazardous location certification.  Alongside the heating technology, the Chromalox control platform is also certified per UL347C and IEC 60079-7 standards and is rated up to 20kV BIL with a 50kA short circuit rating.  The control panel can be designed in either non-arc or arc resistant configurations, while also meeting a Form 0, 1, or 2 requirements.

“Our second generation DirectConnect solution is unparalleled in the industry,” say Mark Wheeler, Director, Global Product Manager of Systems & Services at Chromalox.  “No technology exists that can match the voltage range, third party certifications, and patented control methodology of Chromalox’s DirectConnect medium voltage system.  This technology allows our global customers to explore safe, highly efficient, emission-free, and cost effective electric solutions for their large process heating needs.”

Chromalox DirectConnect technology broke new ground by being the first in the industry to offer fully-rated, medium voltage heating element rated for 4160 volts.  DirectConnect provides an economical solution to use clean electrical heating by drastically reducing installation costs and corresponding weight savings, while offering reduced operating costs.  It has provided a cost-effective solution for heating applications in markets such as Oil and Gas Exploration, Power Generation, Petrochemical Processing, and Offshore Production Platforms.