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Chromalox, a leader in advanced thermal technologies, announced the availability of the latest Heat Trace control device.  The Chromalox RSP – Remote Sensor Panel facilitates the monitoring of multiple heat trace temperature sensors within a single enclosure. The RSP is a completely integrated package and it functions exclusively and seamlessly with the Chromalox IntelliTrace ITLS/ITAS heat trace control panels. 

The RSP will handle up to 252 Heat Trace temperature input signals and it communicates back to the base panel through a single, twisted-pair wire or via a wirelessly transmitted signal. The RSP comes complete with a power on lamp and may be ordered with either a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosure. Optional enclosure heaters are available for placement in either ordinary or hazardous areas.

“The RSP simplifies the installation of several heat trace sensor inputs that are in close proximity to each other or multiple heat trace circuits that are significantly remote to the control panel”, states Scott Treser, Director of Controls and Panel Development. “The biggest benefits to the RSP however, are the lower installation costs and the process integrity it maintains.  Individual hard wired sensor conduit runs, and the costs associated with them are eliminated. The seamless integration with the IntelliTrace control panels eliminates any incompatible third party control components.”, Treser adds.

The RSP is an ideal cost saving solution when sensor redundancy is required to increase overall system safety. For added convenience, multiple RSP panels may be linked together, which further saves installation time and costs.

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