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200A~270A Photovoltaic Relay

Featured Product from Churod Americas, Inc.

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 CHAR-C Series 200A~270A Photovoltaic Relay


  • Outlinedimension?
  • Normalizedform?62.7mm×44.4mm×55mm
  • Radiatingform?62.7mm×54.4mm×55mm
  • 1 FormXarrangement?GAP?4.0mm
  • DesignedtomeetGB21711.1,IEC61810,UL60947-1,RoHS,REACHSVHCrequirements
  • EnvironmentalprotectioncategoryRTII
  • Contactswitchingcapabilitywith200A/250A/270A
  • Appliedtotheinverterinsolarphotovoltaicfield
  • Toreducepowerloss,asmallcoilholding-voltagehasbeenusedforworkingcoil
  • Insulationclass:Fclass


Application: CircuitControlofInverter

Churod Americas, Inc.
Founded in 2006 by a group of industry experts, Churod Electronics has become a leader in the design and manufacture of dozens of types of electromechanical relays.  With products for industries including white goods, industrial, lighting, alternative energy, and automotive, Churod has achieved a driving position in the market due to foundational values of engineering excellence and customer service.  Substantial annual investment in R&D and automation ensure Churod will remain on the forefront of technology and manufacturing for years to come.