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Churod Releases 3 New Automotive Sensors

Featured Product from Churod Americas, Inc.

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Churod Sensing would like to thank attendees of the 2023 Battery Show and EV Expo in Novi, MI last month for the very warm reception for our newest battery pressure sensor. The busiest Battery Show yet did not disappoint. "This is our favorite forum in which to introduce new products." said Todd La Londe, Director of Churod Americas. "Our customers are all in attendance, and they know they will find something new and exciting when they come to visit our booth."

Formal introduction of the BPS Gen 3 was made during the show to an enthusiastic audience. The Gen 3 sensor leverages all of the technical advantages of its predecessors (low power, advanced algorithm, tunable sensing range) while reducing overall footprint by more than 90%! The Gen 3 features a chip-scale LGA 18 pin package with a footprint of only 5.5mm x 4.0mm. Operating mode power consumption is a mere 7mA, and sleep mode brings power consumption to an incredible 0.6mA. Fast response time, high accuracy across automotive temperatures, and clarity of signal make the Churod BPS Gen 3 the obvious choice to meet upcoming thermal runaway detection requirements.

Churod’s Fluxgate current sensor also met with high praise. With a sensing range from -500A to 500A, the Churod FCS has an accuracy of /- 0.5% across its temperature range. Current consumption at 500A is a meager 160mA maximum (140mA typical). CAN output, high accuracy, and low offset combine to make the Churod Sensing Fluxgate current sensor a great solution for EV main bus and fast charge current monitoring.

Addressing the multiple methods of sensing currently available in today’s rapidly changing EV market, Churod was also pleased to introduce our 8436-4 shunt. Electron beam welded for precision, the 8436-4 has a resistance value of 25µ& ( /-5%) and a TCR of >50ppm/C from 0 to 80. The power rating of the 8436-4 is 36W, and the shunt has an operating temperature range of -65 to 170. Parameters are customizable to meet your specific needs.

Contact Churod Americas today for more information or visit us on the web at https://www.churodamericas.com/application-category/automotive-relays/.