Large Capacity Walk-In Test Chambers

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Large capacity walk-in / drive-in chambers customized to meet your needs
CSZ walk-in chambers are designed for testing large systems or batches of products. Walk-in Chambers may be designed to any size while meeting your performance requirements. Environmental simulated walk-in chambers include temperature, humidity, solar simulation, altitude and may also be integrated with vibration systems.

These chambers are used across a variety of industries with testing applications such as full vehicle testing, automotive components, electronic components, packaging, stability testing, biological research and more. Chambers may be designed with options such as remote instrument consoles, custom-size doors, ramps and heavy-duty floors.

The majority of walk-in chambers utilized foam panels that lock together offering flexibility to your size requirements and are more economical than fully welded walk-in chambers with temperature ranges up to +85°C.  Fully welded walk-in chambers are available for higher temperature 190°C, fast transition rates and altitude testing requirements. Cold temperatures available to to -34°C, -45°C, and -70°C.

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