Vibration & Shock Testing Services

Service Detail from Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products

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Our Test Laboratory offers a variety of shock and vibration testing services for testing a wide range of products across many industries. Below is a list of our vibration and shock testing capabilities.

  • Random, Sinusoidal, Mixed Mode
  • Transportation and Packaging
  • Gunfire
  • NAVMAT Screening
  • Combined with Temperature and/or Humidity

Shock Testing Services

  • Half Sine
  • Sawtooth
  • Squarewave
  • Pyrotechnic
  • SRS
  • Analog Capture

Vibration Capabilities

Force Output: 13,000 lbf-sine, 13,000 lbf-random, 3-axis vibration
Displacement: 2.0 inch pk-pk.
Velocity: 78.0 inches/second
Acceleration: 125 g's Sine, 60 g's Random
Frequency Range: 5-3000 hz.

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