Cisco IE 3000 Switches and PROFINET

Product Announcement from Cisco

Cisco IE 3000 Switches and PROFINET-Image

PROFINET is one of the multi-bus Ethernet-based standards for the automation industry, allowing integration with IT and Fieldbus systems. PROFINET IO supports real time (RT) automation, and is built on Ethernet and TCP/IP standards. PROFINET IO has two communication channels, a real-time channel and a standard TCP/IP channel. The real-time channel meets the real time needs of factory automation by bypassing the TCP/IP stack for cyclic data exchange between the controller and the IO devices and event-controlled signals such as alarms and diagnostics. The TCP/IP channel is used for network configuration, setting parameters, reading of non-real-time diagnostics, and loading interconnects.

The implementation of PROFINET IO on the Cisco® Industrial Ethernet 3000 (IE 3000) Series Switches enables integration with factory management tools and provides real-time automation in modular control and distributed systems.

With PROFINET IO support, the Cisco IE 3000 series offers a unified solution for configuration, management, and control. The Cisco solution enhances collaboration between IT and control networks by delivering a wire-speed, highly secure switching solution for ease of use in deployment and manageability with SIMATIC automation tools.

The Cisco IE 3000 series is optimized for real-time automation and is well suited product for industrial-rugged environments and industrial Ethernet applications, including factory automation, intelligent transportation systems, process control, and other PROFINET-based applications.

The Cisco IE 3000 series offers:

● The Cisco Catalyst® switching architecture and feature set, highly secure integration with corporate networks,

and integration with PROFINET-based devices

● PROFINET v2 certification, with PROFINET conformance class B compliance

● Integration with SIMATIC tools (Step 7 or NCM PC) through an installable Generic Station Description file


● Cyclic data exchange between programmable logic controllers, IO devices, and other mMotion controllers

● Ease of deployment with SIMATIC integration, configuration, parameterization, and exchange of alarms and

diagnostics with PROFINET controllers

● Support of ProfiSafe applications with wire-speed switching

Support of management tools including: SIMATIC tools for Factory Automation, Cisco Network Assistant,

Cisco Works, and SNMP-based tools for IT integration

● Ease of use: Cisco Express Setup Wizard ,Cisco Device Manager, and customized Industrial Automation Smartport templates enable fast bring-up and easy configuration, while the IE SwapDrive enables quick and easy switch replacement

● High availability, predictable performance, and reliable security using Cisco IOS® Software

● Effective operation in multiple network topologies such as ring, star, and linear topologies

● Fast convergence (50ms) with Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP)

● Support for IEEE1588v2, a precision timing protocol with nanosecond-level precision for high-performance motion applications

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