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Enormous Output Per Unit - Coreless DC Servomotor

Featured Product from Citizen Chiba Precision Co., Ltd.

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As the inertial momentum of the rotor and the mechanical constant of the product are both small, activation and shutdown can be swiftly performed to offer superior responsiveness.

No cogging means fewer vibrations and low noise, allowing smooth revolution even at low speeds and highly precise control. Since the armature inductance of the coils are low and rectification is favorable, the service life of the rectifier and brush are long and can suppress electrical noise at very low levels. No iron loss means high speed revolutions are possible under highly magnetic fields, and we also offer compact high output models with several tens of thousands of RPM.

The design used for this product excels magnetically, electrically and in thermal resistance. Additionally, its sufficient mechanical strength means an enormous output per unit volume for this servomotor.