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Process Automation Control Made Simple

Featured Product from Classic Automation LLC

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Panelicity® Series 36 is a powerful process panel controller in a small package with pre-defined displays, alarms, trends, and standard industrial control strategy templates. It simplifies new installations and upgrades of older obsolete panel controllers. Implement two or more temperature, pressure, flow, or level control loops with just one
slim 3x6 controller (1/2 DIN.) This unit mounts easily and is for use in areas with depth restrictions.

Reasons to Choose Panelicity:
-Easy Installation and Configuration
-Intuitive Menu Options
-Small Footprint
-Low Total Cost

Panelicity® saves you money. Simple, intuitive menus allow all entries from the display with minimal operator training.

Classic Automation provides the support you need with an industry leading 2-year warranty. 

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