100 PPM Label Applicator System

Product Announcement from Clear Automation, LLC

100 PPM Label Applicator System-Image

Clear Automation developed this system to apply labels to a liquid cosmetic bottle at a rate of 100 parts per minute. Bottles travel to the cell along a conveyor, upright in pucks. The pucks are fed into the cell by a servo-driven screw that spreads them to match the pitch of a linear indexer. A robot picks them from the pucks and lays them horizontally onto the indexer. At various stations along the travel of the indexer, a label is applied, a batch code is laser etched and the batch code is vision inspected for readability and accuracy. Bottles that fail the inspection are ejected from the indexer into a bin. Good bottles are ejected onto a conveyor to travel downstream to packaging. The system features a Fanuc robot, Herma labeler and a graphical touch-screen HMI.

We are a Herma Authorized Systems Integrator. We design with a variety of Herma labeling machines. We choose the right labeler for the job after considering label size, label material, backing material, adhesive and product throughput. We can add barcode and/or date/lot code printing or laser etching, and vision inspection of label placement and print/etch quality.