ClearBot and ClearBot.NET Robot Software

Product Announcement from Clear Automation, LLC

ClearBot and ClearBot.NET Robot Software-Image

"ClearBot" is our custom software library that we install on our robotic and vision workcells. "ClearBot.NET" is our PC-based human-machine interface. With this library and interface, we have established a common "look and feel" for our systems. This is advantageous to our customers and to us in many ways:

  • Your technicians and operators can use multiple machines from us with confidence that similar actions on each system provide similar results.
  • Likewise, our technicians and engineers can provide better support, either in-person or remote via telephone or e-mail.
  • "ClearBot" was first deployed in 2005, and is now installed on over 30 custom applications.

Our features include:

  • An informative, easy-to-use, graphical point-and-click user interface.
  • Status screens to display the status of the machine at all times.
  • User accounts, access levels and password protection of system data and operation.
  • Easy editing of process data.
  • Diagnostic screens that allow every system input and output (sensors, valves, motors and clutches, etc.) to be tested.
  • A powerful interface to teach, test and adjust robot locations and motion parameters (speed, acceleration, deceleration, position tolerance, etc.).
  • Error recovery schemes to display device faults and to resume the production cycle after faults are fixed. Faults are logged and can be saved to a file for archiving and printing.