Flexible Robot Bottle Loader for Fill or Dispense

Product Announcement from Clear Automation, LLC

Flexible Robot Bottle Loader for Fill or Dispense-Image

Clear Automation designed and built this system to transfer bottles from boxes and trays to the filling line. Plastic and glass bottles are delivered in plastic trays or cardboard boxes with separators, on a conveyor. The box or tray is fixtured beneath the robot. A servo axis on the robot adjusts the pitch of the tooling to match the pitch of the box. Pucks are delivered on a conveyor belt and are fixtured and centered for the robot. The robot picks the bottles from the box and transfers them to the pucks. A servo-driven feed screw indexes the pucks out of the cell to downstream processing. Empty boxes are ejected from the cell. The user operates the cell via a touch-screen graphical HMI. The cell is database-driven to accommodate a variety of boxes and trays, each with their own row and column quantity and pitch. Boxes and trays can be introduced to the cell with our auxiliary tray elevator. The robot can be fitted with vacuum tooling or mechanical gripping. Bottles can be inverted and cleaned between the pick and the place.

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