Ideal alloy for severe service spring applications

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How are you today? There are interesting developments in the high temperature corrosion resistant material space. Inconel 617 alloy known for its unique properties where it can withstand temperatures over 1800 F (980 C) and its high oxidation resistance at those elevated temperatures makes it an ideal alloy to be utilized for severe service spring applications. This alloy is utilized in jet aircraft engines or for energy production such as gas turbines in power plants.

Alloy Wire International has completed their development of Inconel 617 wire and now can provide it in commercially viable volumes. The available sizes range from 0.001 - 0.197" (0.025 - 5.00 mm) diameters. Making it ideal for small to medium size springs. This alloy has  superior performance at elevated temperatures over Inconel X750 or Inconel 718 which are common grades utilized in severe service  springs. If the spring application will be exposed to operating temperatures above 1100 F (590 C) then 617 would be an ideal choice. In fact, at temperatures up to 1300 F (705 C) the material tensile strength continues to increase when exposed to these elevated temperatures for extensive periods of time. While X750 will lose up to 33% of its tensile strength properties when exposed to temperatures above 1200 F (650 C).
It is important to note that there is never a one size fits all alloy. Therefore, you should engage with the Coiling Technologies
engineering staff when selecting a spring for a severe service application to ensure that the right alloy is selected for a given application. Feel free to call us at 800-969-2645 

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