CPDL-100A Custom Programmable Delay Line

Product Announcement from Colby Instruments, Inc.

CPDL-100A Custom Programmable Delay Line-Image

The CPDL-100A series offers a fully customizable instrument with custom programmable, fixed delays using aerospace-grade microwave relays and precision-cut semi-rigid coaxial cable. We can customize based on your specifications for delay resolution (to the smallest step size of 10 ps) and total delay range up to a maximum of 200 ns. Instruments in this series are best suited to applications where you need long delay ranges and lower frequencies for full 360-degree coverage.

The CPDL-100A does not use the Mechanical Trombone delay line structure, but is made entirely from precision cut phase-matched semi-rigid coaxial microwave cables and coaxial relays.

A step size (or delay step) can be defined as small as 10 picoseconds (resolution) and can go up to several nanoseconds. Up to 16 binary step delay sections can be defined. Total delay range limit defines the maximum total delay of the unit and can be as high as up to 200 nanoseconds.

Typically, a CPDL-100A is specified where each of the up to 16 delay sections is a binary multiple (2x) of the previous. For example, a CPDL specified at 100 ns total delay range, with 1 ns minimum step delay would have: 1 ns, 2 ns, 4 ns, 8 ns, 16 ns, 32 ns, and 37 ns delay steps specified. This allows any 1 ns step to be specified between 0 to 100 ns using a combination of the defined delay steps.

Bandwidth and pricing vary depending on the number of relay sections defined and total length of delay needed.

Phase Matched Units

For applications where phase matched units are required (e.g. with differential signals), Colby Instruments is able to manufacture dual units at the same time and offer precision cut phase-matched coax on each and every section of delay. With the two differential signals split between each unit, each signal will experience the same amount of delay as the other unit and is critical in phase matching applications.

Delay Ranges (non-contiguous)

A delay range goes NOT have to be contiguous (e.g. from 0 to 50 ns). With their CPDL, Colby Instruments can customize any solution with non-contiguous delay sections and each section can have a custom delay value. Individual sections can be switched off or on as delay is required. Total delay will be the sum of each of the delays that are switched on and is programmable. Each CPDL has an embedded microcontroller so making special or custom models specific to your unique application is quite easy. Please contact Colby Instruments directly to inquire about building a custom solution that will meet your application requirements.