Motorized Spindles

Product Announcement from Colonial Tool Group Inc.

Motorized Spindles-Image

"Rigidity-At-Speed", our logo, is also a necessary characteristic in all spindle applications, but, coupled with a compact, high horsepower integral motor, automatic tool actuator and compensator it makes for state-of-the-art spindle technology that packs a big punch in a relative small package. Motorized spindles require less space since they have a direct-drive built in.

From the slim shape of a simple surface grinding spindle to the robustness and complexity of a cylinder boring spindle, Colonial has designed and built a full spectrum of motorized spindles.

We can provide you with a custom built spindle that will fit your application and provide a reliable solution to your machining needs. Share with us your questions and you will get not only the right answers but you will gain a partner that will stay the course and support you thru the life of our products.

Colonial's patented Motorized Cylinder Boring Spindles
US Patent #6,042,273 has revolutionized the combustion engine manufacturing industry.