Miniature Charge Amplifier w/10:1 gain Adjustment

Product Announcement from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Miniature Charge Amplifier w/10:1 gain Adjustment-Image

The Columbia Series 5820 Charge Amplifiers are designed for use with virtually all piezoelectric transducers to form various airborne vibration and shock data acquisition systems. These devices feature a very small package size and extremely low power consumption.

The Series 5820 Charge Amplifiers provide dual signal outputs, one biased around +2.50VDC and one unbiased capacitance coupled, and are available in seven standard chare conversion ranges, each offering a 10:1 tandem gain adjustment capability. A range of seven low-pass filters are available to meet your individual vibration measurement needs.

  • Biased or Unbiased Signal Outputs
  • 10:1, 20-Turn Gain Adjustment Potentiometer
  • Choide or Buuterworth Low Pass Filter
  • Ultra Miniature Electric Package


Output Impedance Biased: 100Ω Max., Direct Coupled, Unbiased: 100Ω Maimum, 22uF Coupling Capacitor, 20K Internal Load

Overload Recovery 5000pcmb 1mS Half-Sine, No Effect

Input Connection Single Ended, Referenced to Circuit Board

Input Resistance 25Ω Min

Input Source Capacitance 10000pF Max. to meet all specifications

Output DC Bias +2.500 +0.075VDC @ Biased Output, 0.000+0.050/-0.000VDC @ Unbiased Output

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