Extremely Rugged, Force Balance Accelerometer

Product Announcement from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Extremely Rugged, Force Balance Accelerometer-Image

The Columbia Models SI-701FND is a premium performance force balance inclinometer designed to yield exceptional performance and long life under extreme shock and vibration conditions. A fluid-damped sensor system makes this sensor virtually uninfluenced by shock and vibration encountered in the most severe applications.

The Models SI-701FND inclinometer is capable of producing accurate tilt data in the presence of vibration which would saturate most other accelerometer-based sensor designs. The closed loop servo system maintains scale factor and zero bias stability over the entire operating temperature range. Consult the factory for customized versions of these sensors.


Output Impedance <5000 Ohms

Ranges Available +1º, +5º, +15º, +30º, +45º, +90º

Output Voltage +5 VDC at Rated Range

Excitation +15 VDC 20 mA Max.

Scale Factor Tolerance +1%

Non-Repeatability <0.5 Min. of Arc

Recommended Load 100K Ohms or Greater

Output Noise <2 mV RMS

Non-Linearity +0.05%

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