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CM® Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

Featured Product from Columbus McKinnon Corporation

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Columbus McKinnon Unveils the First Electric Chain Hoist with Remote Monitoring and Wireless Programming
The Power of Intelligent Lifting— CM® Lodestar® VS Electric Chain Hoist Now Features Intelli-Connect™ Diagnostics and Analytics
Columbus McKinnon made its iconic CM Lodestar electric chain hoist even more advanced than ever. We combined the Lodestar’s industry-leading design with the best-in-class features of premier Magnetek® variable frequency drives and Intelli-Connect™ Diagnostic and Analytic technology. The result – the only chain hoist on the market that allows operators to wirelessly program, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot from the plant floor using a smartphone or tablet.

Intelli-Connect is available as an option on all new Lodestar VS units or in retrofit kits for existing units.

The Competitive Advantage
Intelli-Connect eliminates the need to connect a tablet or PC to the hoist with a cord. Now, users can access information wirelessly through the Intelli-Connect Mobile or Mobile+ app from their mobile device.

Intelli-Connect Mobile offers a wide range of functionality, including:

  • Hoist programming and monitoring
  • Access to manuals
  • Parameter file storage
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Easy contact with our customer service team

Intelli-Connect Mobile+ offers all the capabilities of Intelli-Connect Mobile, plus advanced diagnostics and analytics. This includes continuous equipment monitoring complete with long-term performance information, such as runs, faults, alarms, and VFD status variables such as fault codes, motor voltage, current, available hoist operating life, and more.

With information available at your fingertips, you can easily adjust performance parameters, address issues more quickly, plan maintenance, and ultimately reduce downtime.

Lodestar VS with Intelli-Connect Brochure
We combined the Lodestar’s industry-leading design with the best-in-class features of premier Magnetek® variable frequency drives and Intelli-Connect Diagnostic and Analytic technology. Download the product brochure to learn more.

The Benefits of Intelli-Connect™ with Chain Hoists
When people think of automation for cranes and hoists, they often think of automating crane and hoist movement in a facility. But, there is another important benefit automation technology can provide – the ability communicate directly with the hoist or crane as well as collect, monitor, and analyze performance data.

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