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Magnetek Intelli-Guide™ Systems

Featured Product from Columbus McKinnon Corporation

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Improving Safety, Uptime, and Productivity Through Automation. If your facility has outdated, manually controlled cranes, hoists, or monorail systems, automation technology can bring new life to your equipment, increasing their lifecycles and providing new features to make your operations safer and more efficient. Magnetek® Intelli-Guide™ can do just that. Combining radios, drives, motors, brakes, and automation programming, Intelli-Guide allows operators to automatically send a load to different pre-programmed areas in a facility with the push of a button. Then, as the load moves to the programmed destination along a determined route, the operator can work on a different task or start on the next step of the production process, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Facility and Operator Safety
    Intelli-Guide allows you to pre-program cranes to travel along designated paths, preventing potential collisions with other equipment or operators. Intelli-Guide can be combined with other Columbus McKinnon automated solutions, such as Intelli-Protect™, to specify additional no-fly zones where crane movement is limited or prohibited.
  • Increased Uptime
    Auto-dispatch technology does the work for you by eliminating the need for specialized skills or knowledge of lifting technology, sway control, or protected zones, so your system can get up and running quickly. Intelli-Guide also helps reduce the potential for human error by following precise, pre-programmed paths and, when combined with anti-sway software and no-fly zone technology, can minimize downtime for maintenance due to collisions.
  • Maximized Productivity
    Using automation technology, rather than manually guiding the load through a work area, helps decrease takt time and increase productivity. Intelli-Guide provides automated movement for target positioning from one location to another, while also enabling human assistance for precise end-location positioning. With the push of a button, Intelli-Guide allows operators to load and unload a hook at designated locations and automatically dispatch it to the next station. Intelli-Guide allows multiple areas to share a single crane and loads to travel through a variety of locations or cycles, depending on process needs.
  • Flexibility for Your Application Needs
    Intelli-Guide auto-dispatch systems can incorporate radios, drives, motors, brakes, and additional automation programming, to provide flexibility for the exact needs of your facility. Intelli-Guide is ideal for both retrofits and new installations of cranes and monorails traveling over long distances as well as in hazardous environments.
  • Product and Project Support
    Every automated system from Columbus McKinnon is designed, engineered, and built in-house by our expert team of engineers and automation specialists. Plus, our highly trained support team is always available – 24/7, 365 days a year – to assist with technical application issues and tight installation timelines.

Intelli-Guide Systems
Designed for use on cranes and monorails traveling long distances, even in hazardous environments, Intelli-Guide is ideal for the aerospace, automotive, metals manufacturing, storage and retrieval, and marine terminal industries. Download the Intelli-Guide Brochure to learn more. 

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