Duff-Norton® Essential Platform ScrewJack

Featured Product from Columbus McKinnon Corporation

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Establishing a strong foundation. The new Essentials Platform ScewJack is built on Duff-Norton’s history of reliable products and provides customers with cost-effective options to meet their fundamental needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust, cost-effective solution for use in many applications.
  • Developed with safety in mind - Minimum column strength of the screw is 2x higher than the screw jack’s lifting capacity.
  • Drop-in compatibility with many competitors screw jacks - refer to pages 5 - 7 for bolt pattern drawings.
  • Precision gearing and ACME screw construction limits backlash to a max of .015 inches.
  • Limited screw lengths and options make the Essentials Platform easy to specify and configure.

Download the Duff-Norton Essential Platform ScrewJack Design Guide to learn more. 

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