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Magnetek Intelli-Lift® Systems

Featured Product from Columbus McKinnon Corporation

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Improving Safety and Productivity Through Automation. Swinging loads, whether caused by misalignment or snags, are not only dangerous for your employees but can damage equipment, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. To reduce these risks, loads should be centered under the hoist and free of obstacles. The Magnetek® brand Intelli-Lift™ System can help. The Intelli-Lift System detects a load misalignment or snag condition and alerts operators with a visible and audible warning before a dangerous situation occurs.

Features & Benefits                      

  • Easy-to-Access System Data
    Intelli-Lift displays and logs data related to misalignments and snag events. Information can be used to adjust processes and equipment locations and identify needs for operator training. Data can be easily accessed through Intelli-Lift’s intuitive user interface via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Wireless access makes it easy and safe to monitor and configure from the plant floor.
  • Precision Load Control
    Through manual or automatic adjustment, Intelli-Lift assists operators in centering the bridge and trolley over the load before it can be hoisted, reducing the likelihood of snags or swaying loads.
  • Reduced Stress on Equipment
    Intelli-Lift alerts operators if a load is misaligned or snagged on other objects. If a hoist continues to lift while misaligned, damage to hoist components can occur, which may result in costly repairs and downtime.
  • Quick, Easy Installation
    Hardware is easy to install and connect with Intelli-Lift technology, making it ideal for both new installations and retrofit applications.
  • Flexibility For Your Application Needs
    Robust design allows for operation in both indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments. The Intelli-Lift System can be easily bundled with Magnetek-brand motion control products for additional safety and diagnostic information.

Intelli-Lift® Systems
Intelli-Lift is ideal for the automotive, aerospace, steel, and marine terminal industries. Download the Intelli-Lift® Systems brochure to learn more. 

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