ALL ELECTRIC Tube Bender - TMS Series

Product Announcement from Comco USA

ALL ELECTRIC Tube Bender - TMS Series-Image

Speed. Flexibility. Imagination.

Comco continues its role as a worldwide leader and innovator in tube forming machinery. Our ALL ELECTRIC TMS SERIES BENDER is a testament to that; with augmented precision, speed, and quailty while lowering investment costs from conventional benders.

We've achieved it through re-engineering and through utilizing all the newest technologies available, specifically from Mitsubishi. 

Not only have we said goodbye to hydraulics but we've also implemented a quick-change tooling process that allows set-ups in less than 10 minutes.

The TMS Series is ideal for HVAC and Automotive applications bending Copper and Aluminum for OD's of up to 7/8", and stainless steel for OD's up to 5/16".

TMS Series Offers Many Unique Features That Add To The Value Of Your Investment:

  • Electric Servo Controlled CNC bender
  • 4 Servos for maximum speed
  • Direct drive for quicker movements
  • Tooling change over in less than 10 minutes
  • FlexPlus Lite Mitsubishi controller
  • Mitsubishi components found worldwide
  • Speed - will process a feed, a plane and a bend in average 2.0 seconds
  • 10.4" Touch screen
  • THK rails
  • Customizable mandrel extractor
  • NEMA type cabinet