Try Simichrome Once and You'll Use it Forever!

Featured Product from Competition Chemicals, Inc.

Simichrome — the all purpose metal polish. Perfect for polishing molds, dies, and more. Great for product finishing. Excellent purging compound, too!

Go From Zero to Chrome in Seconds.
Motorcycles. Hot rods. Custom cars. Simichrome is the metal polish that bikers, racers and rodders have used for decades for one simple reason: IT WORKS! Every kind of uncoated metal surface – wheels, exhaust pipes, engine parts, bumpers – will shine brighter with Simichrome. Just use a dab of Simichrome on a clean cloth and buff to a brilliant shine, leaving a protective coating to help the shine last longer. Besides chrome, use Simichrome on magnesium, aluminum, alloys...any uncoated metal surface. And you don't need a custom hot rod. Simichrome works great on any car or truck. Available in convenient, 50 gram tubes. Ask for Simichrome by name at motorcycle dealers, better automotive parts stores, antiques dealers, jewelers, bicycle shops, gift stores and more.

BlueAway — the fantastic cleaner to remove heat-caused discoloration or "blue-ing." Great mold cleaner, too.

Cut to the Chase with BlueAway
BlueAway is a specially formulated product to remove the “blue-ing” or heat-caused discoloration caused on chrome exhaust pipes on motorcycles or custom cars. For really tough jobs, start the cleaning process with some BlueAway and follow it up with a Simichrome shine.

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Dealer Inquiries
Ring up nice sales and profits by selling your customers the polish they prefer…Simichrome! It’s the polish they've read about. And the polish they've seen advertised for years in leading consumer and industry magazines.

Conveniently packaged in self-displaying cartons, Simichrome can be placed on your counter or shelf and it simply sells itself. Once your customers try it, they'll keep coming back for more.