Color-Coded PCB Test Points

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With a choice of ten colors, TP-106 test point may be utilized as numeric points to represent the standard electronic color code, enhance visibility, or designate polarity. The oval loop design of the test point contact provides a profile which stands above crowded circuitry, offers a positive anchor for spring loaded clips or probe tips and is large enough to terminate conventional alligator clips. These features enhance the reliability of obtaining correct test readings while reducing the potential for damage to adjacent circuitry caused by shorted test probes.

The color-coded standoff of the TP-106 is molded from 30% glass filled polyester which is designed to withstand the temperatures of production wave soldering processes and resist board cleaning solvents or chemicals. The oval contact element is precision formed from matte tin over nickel plated phosphor bronze spring alloy, and its unique leg design provides positive retention in the mounting hole during assembly operations and soldering.

TP-106 test points are manufactured in a breakaway strip format which allows them to be specified in any number of positions, from 1 to 30, at 0.125", mounting centers. This exclusive design feature provides the easy placement of multiple, tandem mounted test points in one assembly operation. The TP-106 user has the option of procuring these units pre-cut to specified position or obtaining them in full 30 position strips and cutting them to desired number of tandem test points through use of a convenient hand tool.

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