TP-107 test points with Unique Flat Wire Design

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TP-107 Series
Components Corporation's TP-107 series of surface mounted, printed circuit test points allows engineers to take advantage of the convenience of field testing. The profile of the TP-107 readily accepts most commercially available spring clips and probes while providing a positive and secure anchor to the SMT board.

The Unique Flat Wire Design
To provide resistance to mechanical stress, the TP-107 achieves high-strength bonding through a unique forming process which doubles the surface area of the test points mounting. This is accomplished by forming the flat wire design in a spiral wrap on the mounting base, resulting in an adhesion to the solder pad which requires in excess of 18 pounds of force to dislodge the test point from its solder pad. For increased reliability and safety, the TP-107 surface mount test points are now available in silver-plated and matte tin finish.


Components Corporation
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Components Corporation, being a card edge connector manufacturer, has always prided itself as being able to supply custom wireform products to our customers. Because of our advanced skill in developing these products, we are able to offer customers the option of creating their own precision-crafted wireform product tailor-fit to meet their needs.

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