Quantum Composites R&D Capabilities

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Quantum Composites R&D and pilot sample production capabilities have and continue to be at the fore front of our materials development activities.

Our R&D capabilities range from development work on formulation modifications to meet a given set of application and performance requirements to research work on totally new development projects, partnerships and ground zero raw materials & technology evaluation.

Our development and formulating capabilities & experience include:

  • Carbon fiber materials development
  • Glass fiber materials
  • Hybrid glass and carbon materials
  • Different glass fiber lengths
  • Hybrid resin systems
  • Colors for molded in part appearance
  • Low density materials
  • Conductive additives and enhancements
  • Flame retardant additives
  • FST - flame smoke and toxicity properties to meet aerospace cabin interior and other transportation requirements
  • Unidirectional and woven continuous fibers QCI resin systems
  • Co molding QCI random chopped materials with prepregs
  • Phenolic ESC™ molding compounds.

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