50% More Power 40% Smaller - Mini Reed Relays

Featured Product from Comus International

Ideal for instrumentation, automatic test equipment and high density switching matrices, the Comus' new 14 series is a high reliability instrumentation grade Mini-Sip package. With switch power ratings up to 15W, our new relay series offers a 50% increase over industry standard packages.

The molded thermoset 14 series relay has a 40% smaller footprint than the Industry standard SIP series to increase board relay density and offer optional internal magnetic shielding and coil suppression diodes. Both types are RoHS compliant and UL is pending. 


  • 40% smaller footprint than the Industry standard SIP series
  • High reliability reed switch with Sputtered Ruthenium contacts for stable contact resistance and long life.
  • 15 W 1 Form A with 1 Amp Carry Current rated reed switch.
  • 2 Form A relay option available, ideal for high density test matrices.
  • High insulation resistance 10^12 Ω minimum
  • Magnetic shield-reduces interaction (option)

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