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Smart Sensors from Comus International

Featured Product from Comus International

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The Comus Group is proud to introduce our newest line of custom products; the Smart sensor. A Smart sensor utilizes multiple sensing technologies and processing techniques in a package uniquely tailored for various environments giving our customers a turnkey package solution that will transmit more information than using independent sensors. We pride ourselves on being able to provide this solution using only eco friendly materials and therefore contributing to our Earth as well as our clients. Here at Comus International we customize our products to your specification. Whether it's changing reaction time, g-force, or tilt control, our line of programmable sensors can give you the versatility needed for your application.

  • AC Voltage Power Sensors
  • DC Voltage Power Sensors
  • Precision Acceleration Sensors
  • Precision Angle Sensors
  • Precision Shock Sensors
  • Precision Motion Sensors
  • Custom Products